Car Wash Services And Supply, Inc.

Business Information
7010 Stanley Park Dr. P.O. Box 8759
Rocky Mount, NC 27804
United States

Voice: 252-937-6621
Fax: 252-937-6471
About Car Wash Services And Supply, Inc.
Car Wash Services & Supply, Inc. - Focuses on Touch free Washing both self-service automatics and full service tunnel washing. We carry a full line of equipment for all types of vehicle washing. We maintain a 10,000 sq.ft. warehouse for parts, chemical, and equipment.

Distributes for D&S Mfg. Co. "D&S 5000", Warsaw Chemical Co., Trusco Water Treatment Co., lnterclean Truck Washing System, Catec Water Reclaim Systems, WashWorld and others.
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