Auto Wash Systems, LLC

Business Information
879 Rainier Ave. N.
Renton, WA 98055
United States

Voice: 800-238-3560
Fax: 206-772-7789
About Auto Wash Systems, LLC

Auto Wash Systems was founded in 1984 with a simple promise to only carry car wash equipment, parts and chemicals that we would choose for our own Seattle car wash business.

Since then, we have stayed 100% true to that promise and count the trust we have built with our many Clients as one of our greatest assets.

Basic Business Services
Online Purchasing: No
Equipment Types: Full Tunnel, No-Touch In-Bay, Roll Over In-Bay, Self Service
Major Brands: American Changer, Belanger, Armor All, Ecolab, Fragramatics, Hamilton Inc., Jim Coleman, MacNeil, Unitec
Delivery Services: No
Camera & Security: No
Car Wash Installation: No
Turn-Key Car Washes: No
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