Autowash Supply Co., Inc.

Business Information
11 Ainsworth Street
Providence, RI 02904
United States

Voice: 800-537-8931
Fax: 401-228-6147
About Autowash Supply Co., Inc.

Autowash Supply Co. Inc. has been serving the Carwash and Detailing Industry for well over 30 years with great service and top-of-the-line carwash & detailing products.

We are based in Providence, RI and serve most of New England. We're backed by products from top-of-the-line companies such as MacNeil, Trans-Mate, WashWorld and many, many more!

Basic Business Services
Online Purchasing: n/a
Equipment Types: n/a
Major Brands: MacNeil, Washworld Inc.
Delivery Services: n/a
Camera & Security: n/a
Car Wash Installation: n/a
Financing Solutions: n/a
Modular Building Options: n/a
Site Evaluation Services: n/a
Turn-Key Car Washes: n/a
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