Autowash Maintenance Corporation

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Voice: 800-395-2155
Fax: 781-324-2735
Company Representatives
Ron Campagna Sr. - President
Phone: 800-395-2155 ext. 101
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About Autowash Maintenance Corporation
Autowash Maintenance Corporation has been in business over 40 years. Our professional staff works out of a 17,000 square foot office and warehouse in Malden,Massachusetts.

Autowash Maintenance offers high quality equipment, services and solutions that will help you improve the quality of your carwashes. We currently provide service to over 600 carwashes in six New England states.

Whether it's new equipment, parts, solutions, or prompt service, we've got you covered!
Basic Business Services
Online Purchasing: Yes
Equipment Types: Full Tunnel, No-Touch In-Bay, Roll Over In-Bay, Self Service
Major Brands: Air Logic, American Changer, Armitsu Pumps, Armor All, Cat Pumps Inc., Compuwash, Diamond Shine, Dilling Harris, DRB, Erie, Fragramatics, General Pumps, GinSan, Hamilton Inc., Hydraflex Inc., Hypro, ICS, J.E. Adams, Jim Coleman, Meguiar’s, Micrologic, Oasis, Previte, Proto-Vest, Sonny's Direct, TSS Signs, Unitec Inc., Washworld Inc.
Delivery Services: Yes
Camera & Security: No
Car Wash Installation: Yes
Detailing Equipment: n/a
Financing Solutions: Yes
Modular Building Options: Yes
Site Evaluation Services: Yes
Turn-Key Car Washes: Yes
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